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Sound design instead of background music

It is no longer enough to fill an establishment without a music concept with carelessly selected mainstream music of modest quality.

With sound design music solutions, we at eartunes are pursuing a much higher mission.

It is the sound design that gives the ambience of a business or hotel that certain something.

For example in the RED Bull Hangar-7 at Salzburg Airport, where we transport the visitor to other spheres with futuristic sounds and what is seen is emphasised by what is heard and combined into a total work of art.

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Wohlfühlen ist ein weitläufiger Begriff, der sich nur schwer eingrenzen lässt.

Wir bevorzugen den Begriff Atmosphäre, die Ihre Gäste und Kunden in die richtige Stimmung bringt, die sich wohlig zur Genuss- und Konsumfreude gesellt und diese verstärkt und bereichert.

Dabei entsteht, zusammen mit den über die österreichischen Landesgrenzen hinaus bekannten DJ HP Höger, DJ Waz, DJ Hoody, DJ Tom Deluxe und JT, eine ästhetische und akustische Situation, in der sich Ihre Kunden und Gäste aufgehoben fühlen.

We use the open Linux operating system as the platform for our solutions. This has the advantage that we can optimise the entire software environment to suit our player software. As a result, our solutions are stable in the long term.

Almost everyone has experienced that Windows PCs become slower and less stable over time.

This does not happen with Linux.

Our database is the “smallest”, but at the same time the highest quality on the market! Over 90 % of the titles are built into playlists.

Our customers have access to over 1,000 playlists with at least 100 tracks each.

This is only possible because our editors decide which titles go into our database and which do not.

The selection of professionals makes the difference!

We compress our music at a minimum of 192 Kbs to a maximum of 320 Kbs, which corresponds to almost lossless CD quality.

For this reason, we are repeatedly told by customers who switch to our system that the music “sounds better”.

Not all MP3s are the same.

Compression makes the difference!

You also have the option of listening to the most popular radio stations on our systems.

If a station is not available, we will be happy to add it for you.

All eartunes clients are automatically backed up in the eartunes cloud when an internet connection is active.

Customised playlists, playback settings, sound card configurations, etc. can be restored at any time.

In the event of a hardware defect, we will simply send you a replacement device with your settings by UPS.

The music market is constantly changing, as are the resulting wishes of our customers.

Our IT team takes care of the realisation of new technologies in order to keep up with the times.

We also have the option of sending the music directly as audio over IP to the appropriate end devices. This eliminates the need for conventional audio cabling and hardware such as amplifiers.

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Your personalised business radio

3 steps to your customised in-store radio
Over time, we have got to know our customers better and understood what they want.
Our business customers do not have the same sound expertise as our music presenters. That's why we don't leave it up to our customers to choose between hundreds of sound concepts.
On the following page we present some examples for your business. In the next step, we will create your customised 24/7 business radio.

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