Make a ROUGH DIAMOND twinkle

What does the term "Sound-Design" mean?
"Your guests will be asking about the music!"
The effectiveness of a good sound design is very easy to measure:

You will hear the difference and notice it in the overall atmosphere of the room.

Are your guests suddenly asking about the bar music or hotel music, which was otherwise tolerated rather than consciously recognised as background music?

If so, then you are dealing with the effectiveness of Eartunes music computers.

Music is only there so that something purrs in the background? Any music is still better than no music?

Far from it! Good and well-chosen music creates atmosphere. Your location is unique and soon the music and sound design will also be unique, because you and your guests deserve only the finest of the finest.

Our ears, our instinct for the right music and the right atmosphere in the respective rooms, combined with your wishes, are the framework within which we operate during an initial consultation and a viewing.

Which music suits my business?
Our Music Software
Ingeniously simple - simply ingenious!

Our aim was to develop a player software that is tailored to the needs of our customers according to the motto: “keep it simple & clean”.

All required functions are immediately visible and it is not necessary to open additional windows.




Click on the logo to lock the player

Sample session of individual songs

Volume control


Player control

Save the current playlist

Delete the current playlist

Total duration of the playlist

Play a single song immediately

Add individual song immediately

Listen to a single song immediately

Delete single song immediately

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Play a single song immediately

Immediately play a single song

Listen to a single song immediately

Load playlist

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Our music range


Mainstream sound for your customers
  • The requirements of our customers vary. We do not only serve customers in the premium segment, such as exclusive fashion boutiques, designer hotels, etc., who use our deluxe sound concepts.

    Many of our customers "only" need commercial mainstream sound, and that's a good thing!


Anything but commercial for the sound enthusiast
  • Your business concept needs the musical finishing touch to acoustically emphasise that your company stands out from the crowd? Then we recommend the Gold Service to you, or rather to your ears!

    Sound design instead of background music and we promise:

    "Your customers will be asking about the music!"


= GOLD + Monthly editorial support by eartunes
  • Take a step back and leave the design of the sound environment to us! We update the sound concepts customised to your business and the fully automatic playback schedule on a monthly basis, taking into account the time of day and seasonal moods of your business.

    For example, the sound can be more stimulating in the morning and more festive at Christmas.

    The Platinum Service also includes hardware insurance. You will receive faulty equipment replaced free of charge!

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