Your personalised business radio

What is Business Radio?

We have created over 1,000 customised sound concepts for hundreds of customers since 2009. Both in the commercial sector and in the premium sound design sector.

Our business customers do not have the same sound expertise as our music presenters. That’s why we don’t leave it up to our customers to choose between hundreds of sound concepts on this platform.

We see it as our responsibility to create the right sound design in co-operation with you. On request, we can also provide commercial sound (pop, rock, pop songs, folk music, etc.).

With our crossfader streaming, we provide seamless music playback without audible pauses between songs, resulting in a more harmonious and consistent sound concept.

With our Music Scheduler 24/7, we plan your Radio with great care. This means that we take into account the different times of day, days of the week and seasons to ensure an optimal selection of music.

We adjust the volume according to frequency and time of day. This means, for instance, that we increase the sound volume if you have an increased number of visitors at your premises during lunchtime.

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