Music computers and streaming for the catering, hotel and retail sectors

We present:

The first stand-alone music tablet

Our new music tablet is a “small” revolution on the market.

Small, light, without cables, with playlists that last for about 1 month – on-board. And, as with our other system, updates are delivered live.

The smallest, most affordable and stylish stand-alone music solution on the market!

Stores up to 10,000 music tracks, works without the Internet

Internet via WLAN or LTE (mobile network)

Completely wireless thanks to rechargeable battery and Bluetooth

Dimensions: 15 cm x 24 cm x 0.7 mm

Single room music computer

The all-in-one MP3 music solution is flexible in terms of music selection and therefore ideal for the catering trade. Where you used to need an entire PC with screen, keyboard and mouse, the extremely powerful MP3 music computer with touch screen is now all you need.

Optimised for touch screens

Compatible with Sonos

Also with online radio stations

Playlist database with over 1,000 playlists


Multi Room Musik computer

This MP3 music server plays different music in up to 100 zones simultaneously. The system works according to a pre-programmed schedule if required and switches the desired music on and off individually. Ideal for hotels, shopping centres or ski resorts.

Compatible with SONOS and comparable solutions

DANTE Audio as an option

Up to 16 analogue stereo outputs

Up to 30 streaming outputs

Multiroom music server with DANTE Audio

Our system is compatible with streaming-capable end devices such as SONOS or REVOX which can process MP3 or AAC streams. Now it is also possible to get our systems with DANTE AUDIO controllers. This allows us to set up to 32 players on one server, which sends the music directly to the appropriate end devices (speakers) in your company via 1 network cable.

No more analogue audio wiring

Up to 32 different music channels via one network cable

No more amplifiers or zone mixers necessary

More cost-effective and maintenance-free than analogue audio systems


Streaming In store Radio

We provide you with a streaming box that automatically plays the sound design in your shop according to your wishes. The streaming box itself is maintenance-free and only requires an ADSL connection. In the event that the internet connection is interrupted, the system has a backup playlist that is stored directly on the streaming box. The sound concept is distributed and moderated via our globally hosted servers.

Scheduler for time-controlled playback of playlists, jingles and Internet radio

Timed volume control

Crossfader for a smooth transition between songs

Operation and pre-listening function via any web-enabled device such as iPad, iPhone, Smart TVs

UPnP network compatible with end devices such as Sonos, Revox

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